Cameras are panning over to the number on the jersey gradually shifting to the wide shot of the field with players placed in the respective position waiting for the whistle to be blown off to the first kick. Everything from that moment on is a high-octane game with players running to grab the ball off the opponent’s foot and shoot it to a point higher. Betting on soccer has grown in popularity just as how the game has since its advent. Wagers keep multiplying with the progress of the game, and the bettors wait keenly for that game-changing moment to happen. From being a sporadic event of rushing emotions being simmered, soccer betting has become highly popular as to be a regular pastime for many fans. Worldwide acceptance of leagues is no longer the criteria for avid bettors to indulge in a wager; it is the fad for the sport and the practice of making a bet.

Betting on the 2 Major Soccer Leagues

1.      English Premier League

EPL has 22 clubs playing against each other through different stages to come down to the final face-off. The top teams in the league all through the 2000s were Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea. As the next decade kicked in, Manchester City and Leicester City came into the picture and toppled the topmost positions and upheld their consistent gaming. Of all the leagues, EPL rakes in the highest revenue through betting due to its large clasp over the world. The liberalized regulations over gambling in the UK and Ireland also add to the factors that make this league the most popular one.

There are five types of bets in EPL, over/under, halftime and full-time, both teams to score, first and last scorer, and goal times. Rather than betting on your favorite team, check for the strongest team every season. Follow up on the lineup for each game, their strategies and history, and make a bet accordingly. The key to successful betting is being patient with the progress of the game and making timely decisions and changes to your wager. You can bet on the top sites such as Unibet, Bet365, and Betway.

English Premier League

2.      UEFA Champions League

UEFA kick off in July every year, where ten best teams make it to the group stage after the three knockout rounds. Groups are made after these rounds, and one team from each group is selected. This process goes on until the semifinal, after which the final face-off is due. With thousands of fans flying from different parts of the world to witness the sheer brilliance of the game, UEFA finals have become the most popular league matches all over the world.

Several platforms are available these days for betting on the UEFA matches. The odds could and couldn’t work in your favor, which is unpredictable to a great extent. You only can keep track of each team’s game and the players they have on the ground every minute of the game. Betway, MyBookie, and SportsBetting are the best sites to bet on UEFA league matches.