In the future, we gave certainly expanded really far beyond the current boundaries, and all of our technologies are much more advanced than what it was back then. We have discovered so many new worlds out there, and we have also discovered millions of new species. The plethora of rare elements that we have found is no less, and we have also launched so many new expeditions because we have found hints of alien races. We have so many conspiracy theorists that have come out and said that they have found evidence of alien life. There are also so many videos on the internet which show evidence of hovering crafts. We have also found some writings that no linguistic expert in the entire world has been able to read. Well then, what does it all mean? Will they be friendly with us? Will they launch a full-scale attack to overtake us?

full-scale attack

In this guide, I will talk about a game about the Galaxy. There are a lot of cards, indeed. There are 114 of them and 36 player action cards with 28 victory tokens and also 4 summary sheets which you will all need to play the game properly. You will also be given a copy of the rule book.

The name of the game is Race for the Galaxy, and the players must try and build a proper galactic civilization which will all consist of worlds and many developments as well. The worlds have been known to produce goods, and they will be consumed by the machines or the people too. You will also be able to explore some new places, and you will be able to develop new technologies, and you can make use of your ideas to settle and also find new planets peacefully and by force as well. The player who does all of this in the best way possible is the one who wins the game.

People have said that they love this game and also that it is one of the nicest games that they have played in a long time. They have also stated that they immediately started liking it because of the concept and the fact that it packs so many decisions is something that the people love to do. They have also said that it was really satisfying as well. That would be because there is some player interaction and you will actually be building a little civilization where you do not attack each other, and you just start trading things so that your civilization can build up. If you want confrontation, you should be playing something else because this game is not one that will give you confrontation.