Open Beta starts today!
Posted on September 14, 2016

Today we are officially launching the Galactic Junk League Beta with tons of new features, content and fun!

Get ready for a heavily upgraded game with:

  • new exciting maps
  • a completely reworked system of game progression, classes and upgrades
  • improved visuals, blocks and effects
  • improved user interface and in-game HUD
  • balance changes

And a big surprise matey! Be fightin like a true capt'n and swag yer ship with a new pirate themed building blocks.

Are you ready?

Then register and download the game HERE If you already played the alpha version, you can use your alpha account to login and download the beta. In case you have the game still installed, just launch it and it will update automatically.

Alpha Players watch out!

Everyone, who played at least 30 games during the Alpha will have 500 Space Credits added to their Beta account. These can be used to purchase progression boosters or skins in the in-game shop.

You can find the full Beta patch notes HERE


We hope you enjoy the game!

The Galactic Junk League Team