Dev Diary #7 - Beta Community Update
Posted on September 30, 2016

Hello, galactic pilots!

The Beta has been alive for over two weeks now, so it’s time for a community update! In this dev diary, you’ll find out how we’re doing so far, as well as what lies ahead for the project.

What has happened so far?

A successful launch with just a few bugs :-)

On September 14th, we’ve launched the Beta with an e-mailing campaign aimed at Alpha players, who started pouring into the game. They were greeted by a new tutorial, progression system, blocks and levels. You can find the full Beta patch notes HERE. A minor setback was the reward bug which happened on the first weekend. However in the past two weeks we have been able to fix most of the major and medium bugs and the game runs as intended.

Player numbers since Beta launch

If you are a regular player you have probably noticed the falling player numbers in the past few days. The reason for this is that we are still polishing our indie-game marketing skills. Currently we’re working on a promo campaign, which should improve things. For this phase of game development, we need a small but stable community that will help us polish the game so that it is ready for the Steam release. So hang in there until we get things going and keep on sending that great feedback :-)

Fun fact: Our current top players in the progression are 1. astronomical with a lvl 30 Battleship, 2.VERTi60 with a lvl 29 Cruiser and 3.TizzyGaming with a lvl 24 Destroyer. Congrats guys!

What lies ahead?

A marketing push

Our main goal for the next few weeks is to bring new players into the game. This type of marketing is new to us, so we are still optimizing our communication strategy. Right now we are getting in touch with new Youtubers and Twitch streamers so if you have any good tips or know let us know on the FORUM.

One of our first achievements was that Youtube Gaming created a very own Galactic Junk League topic. Check it out HERE to see almost all GJL videos.

The first ever Ship Building Contest

A few days ago we launched the first ever GJL Ship Building Contest (click HERE for details). You can submit your ships in the forum until Sunday Oct 2,2016. Then they will be posted on the official GJL Facebook page (HERE) and the ships with the most Likes will win! We’re looking forward to your submissions.

A more comfortable game start

Regarding the in-game experience we’re working on improving the onboarding phase for new players. That means a smoothening of the difficulty gap after the tutorial by providing additional tips and help. We’re also thinking about a rebalance of the progression system. This is because feedback and game data suggest leveling up takes too long for new players. Specific changes should come with the next major update planned for October 12th.

Feedback collection, balance and polish

We’re also continually collecting feedback and information from the forum, the support form, statistical data and and by playing the game with you guys. The next planned update should bring several balance and polish changes to make the game experience more balanced and fun for both new and regular players. We’re also working on reducing the game’s system requirements so it’s accessible to a broader audience.

That’s about it for this week. Thanks for all your support and feedback. What are your impressions of the Beta so far? Let us know in the FORUM.

Martin “Gajxo” Gajarsky

Game Designer