Dev Diary #10 - Dexter here ..
Posted on October 21, 2016
Hello Junkers!

This is my first Dev Blog, so it's time to introduce myself. My name is Martin "Dexter" Svetlik and I'm the producer and kind of director for the game. There is a good chance that you already met me ingame and kicked my ass. :D

Some time has already gone by and it is maybe a good moment to comment on where we are with the game and where we want to go in the future. But first, let's review how it all started. ;)

Past ..

For those who haven't read the introduction dev blog, go for it, there is some info about who we are and how we started. But let me write a bit about what the game wanted to be. To give you an idea what the vision for the project is, so you will hopefully better understand some decisions we do and the direction we take.

GJL started as an idea to create a sci-fi world where players can build their own stuff, not only spaceships, but stations and everyting around them. To be able to complete different missions with other players and create things. But very soon we realized that there is no chance we can do something like this on the first try. :D So we simplified things a lot and ended up with a concept that is very similar to what you can see now.

We want to give the players a chance to build a spaceship of their dreams. Doesn't matter if they were watching Star Trek or Star Wars as kids, we wanted to give them a chance to recreate what they love in game and play with it. Then we saw that there are already some games like that, but the problem for them was, that it was kind of hard to find someone else to play with and to find out which ship is better and in what situation. So we created the foundation for a game where you can create freely and compare with others easily.

So what does this mean for the game? For the reasons mentioned above, we created a system where visuals and functionality is not that connected. So you can make the looks of your ship differently, but it will behave the same way. Also a system where you can upgrade things without the need to replace them on your ship and by that destroy what you have already created. And that's why finding other players and see which ship is better is always just one click away (+ some waiting :D).

Size, what ? ..

Very important thing to add here. And because we are talking about Enterprise and not about some booring space fighter. The game is kind of slow (for some). The vision for the fight is a fight of large ships (100m-1km) where tactical aspect, planning, positioning, timing, team cooperation is very important part of your success. As I see this as a fact which we really poorly communicate, because there is a lot of feedback that the game is slow. Yeah, it is, and it is intentional. Because you need time to think and act to all the things happening around you. Use your abilities, turn, move, fire a communicate with the rest of the team.

Future ..

I hope that you can now better understand what the game wants to be. And now let's talk about what it means for the future of the game. These are the things we are focus on in the future:

  • Bugfix and performance (of course! :D)
  • More ship customization and improvements in editing of the ship
  • Bigger ships and bigger battles (bigger & better everything !! :D)
  • Game modes & maps
  • More classes & abilities
  • Social features like clans, buddy list, chat improvements ...
  • Competitive side: leagues, rankings, ..
  • Steam integration (hopefully Q1 2017) and (maybe) later integration of the Steam Workshop

There were TOO MANY things I wanted to say by this blog and I hope it is not that confusing. :) For us, it is only the start of our journey and I hope we will see each other around for a while. At the end, I give you small sneak peak what you can expect in nearest patch, enjoy:

So ..

If you have any questions about this diary, please ask them on the FORUM

See ya around,
That guy in missile destoyer :D