Dev Diary #11 - Friday Community Update
Posted on October 28, 2016

Hello Captains.

It's time for another dev update. We're working hard to improve the game, so to make it short and snappy here's a list of things that are happening right now:


Feedback collection

A big topic for the following few weeks will be the review of the game and collection of player feedback. With the launch of Beta we've reached a point where we've completed most of the initial feature plan. Now it's time to review our progress and decide where to take the game next until the Steam Early Access release. As always we're very interested in the opinion of the community. That's why we will be releasing a player satisfaction questionnaire next week. It will be available through the game and on the forum. We're looking forward to your opinions.

Talking to Youtubers

We've managed to boost player numbers thanks to videos by our favorite youtuber Rosefall (Video1 and Video2) and the great Polish youtubers Plaga (Video) and Pavel (Video). There are more videos planned from these guys and others in the coming weeks.

An Update Next Week

In the upcoming update you can look forward to a Friend system, several bugfixes, balance changes and the new Galactic Junk News screen, which will allow us to communicate with players directly in-game. We're also working on several exticitng features, which might make it into the upcoming patch if everything goes according to plan.

Friend System

We will be introducing an early version of the friend system, which will allow players to create a friend list and send private messages to their friends in chat. We understand that being able to play with friends is one of the main requests from our community so more features such as creating parties and clans are planned for the future.


The next patch should finally feature localisation into most major and some smaller world languages. 

New Map

We're currently testing a new map called Isotope Mines. Depending on our progress it could be part of the upcoming update. For now the map will be have the Team Deathmatch game mode. We expect the gameplay to be similar to that of Arctic Crater. However this new map features a larger variety of locations and a greater contrast between confined and open spaces.

Isotope Mines are located in a large canyon which they polluted with radioactive sludge. You probably remember this map from the Beta trailer.


New Trailer

We've started preparations for our new game trailer. So far we feel the trailers lacked a clear message that could attract the right type of players and set expectations correctly. What do you think the trailer should communicate? Let us know in the Forum.

Steam Greenlight

We've launched preparations for Steam Greenlight. We hope to apply for greenlight within a month... or when we're ready :-).


That's it for this week. Tell us what you think on the Forum. See you in the arena!

Martin "Gajxo" Gajarsky
Game Designer