Dev Diary #14 - The best of the Developer Townhall Talk
Posted on November 22, 2016


Last week, on Thursday (November 17th, 2016), we’ve held a Developer Townhall talk on Discord, where our players could ask our producer Dexter and game designers Gajxo and Robinson their questions. These are the most interesting ones. Enjoy!


Q: How did you, the development team, meet?
A: Our team was assembled by our publisher/studio for this project.

Q: What background experience does the development team have?
A: We have some really experienced artists (who previously worked on Mafia III for example), some coders from the popular game DayZ, and a lot of people completely new to game development.

Q: What is the vision for Galactic Junk League? Where do you see its place in the genre, and what do you think will set it apart?
A: OUCH, this is a hard one ... big ships, big battles, big explosions and a lot of customization. Michael Bay style! There's also this new rising genre called Crafter Arena, so we might try to form this genre to fit our needs.

Q: How much feedback from users do you take in consideration?
A: We try to listen as much as possible, but it’s quite a challenge to keep awareness on all channels and be able to put together what players are really saying. Hopefully we will become better at that.

Q: One of the more recent ... well, "events" in this genre of game was the exodus from a certain robot building game after the veterans (myself included) were not happy with the way the game was going. It almost seemed as if the development team was not listening. What are your thoughts on this?
A: We see it as a big lesson also for us, and also a big opportunity. They’ve made some bad decisions, we will try to avoid those in our game.

Q: Where do you believe the game currently falls short or is flawed? What do you plan to do to mitigate it in the future?
A: I personally (Dexter) think that game is not that accessible to new players and also that there is a lot that can be done to fulfill the fantasy of building huge & cool spaceships and fight with them.

Q: What strikes me as different from the development team so far is that you guys aim to be very honest and transparent, saying specifically why a certain change was done, yet remaining open to suggestions as to how to improve said change. How do you plan to maintain this relationship with the players after release?
A: We have no idea, because with more players there will be more opinions and it will be much harder that please everyone. We will do our best. But thank you for what you’ve said.

Early concept art of a ragtag crew of a junker ship.

Early concept art of a ragtag crew of a junker ship.


Q: Would it be possible to add OpenGL support for those who are playing on other platforms through WINE? This will allow those players to get the same performance as they would on Windows.
A: We are mostly limited by Unity3D engine. But there will be MAC and later Linux build.

Q: Will there be any changes to the scoring system to give incentives for targeting specific players? (harder players = better rewards). I understand playerbase increases will limit seal clubbing, but what about until then?
A: We've talked about this and creating such a scoring system for this phase of the game would take up a lot of design work and iteration. To be honest, currently, we're focusing on the Steam release, which will bring new players to the game which should help the problem along with the new matchmaking system we're working on.

Q: Are you considering weapon mixing?
A: Not yet. It's more probable, that we will add more weapons to the three existing groups.

Q: Are there any plans to address the game’s imbalance of having a destroyer so easily 'kite' a battleship at 5K range?
A: It is really hard to address such specific situations. We think that issues like this will be corrected by more players in a match, with 3v3 it’s impossible to balance the classes, with 6v6 or 8v8 it is a completely different situation. 1 on 1 will never be balanced, it will always be rock, paper, scissors -like thing.

Q: Why is a lag compensation system in the maybe pile, is it too big of a task to accomplish before steam release?
A: Because it is a complex thing, that can make things worse for some. It will need a lot of time to polish.


Big thanks to all the participants in the Townhall Talk and for your awesome questions and see you in the game!


*The answers have been slightly modified from the originals.