Dev Diary #15 - Ships for Sale!
Posted on November 25, 2016

Ahoy, Captains!

As you probably know, we've successfully passed Steam Greenlight in just one week. Once again thank you for your tremendous support! Now that there's nothing standing between us and Early Access, it's time to introduce the new features you can look forward to with (or even before) the release.


First on the list is the brand new Galactic Shop and accompanying features, which include:

  • Entire ships will be available for purchase

  • Item bundles will be available for purchase

  • Brand new Shop UI

  • An upgraded New Ship Screen

  • New ship blueprint mechanic


Ship Blueprints in the Shop

The sharing of ship designs was one of the core ideas of GJL from day one and now it is finally becoming a reality. In the updated shop players will be able to purchase pre-made blueprints of ships for both Space Credits and Junk. Premium ship blueprints will be one of the game's monetization features. The goal of ships sold for junk will be to allow players to explore new gameplay and visual styles and also to simplify ship construction for players, who are more interested in fighting than spending time in the hangar.

Buying a ship blueprint will also mean buying all the add-ons and skins that are used in the design. However we don’t have plans to make purchased ships stronger in combat compared to player-made ones. The first set of ship blueprints will be made by our development team, but we're also considering the sale of community made ships further down the road.

How did we square the game's progression system with buying ships? A player will have the possibility to buy any ship available in the shop regardless of his/her class levels or completed research. But to enter a match with a purchased ship he will have to achieve the ship's class level and research criteria. Until then the ship will be stored among their blueprints. Blueprints are an alternative to Hangar Slots and are further explained later in this diary.

A junker ship blueprint detail in the shop.


Item Bundles

The upgraded Shop will also feature item bundles. A bundle can include (multiple) ship blueprints, add-ons, skins and even Space Whisky and the Pilot License.


New Ship Screen and Blueprint Mechanic

The screen where the player selects a class and starts construction will get a major upgrade. The new version will feature more detailed and accessible information about each class including the exact stat modifiers for classes (i.e. it will finally be revealed that the Destroyer does 125 % damage per shot compared to other classes!).

Another major change will be the possibility to start ship construction not only from the Ship Core but also from any of the ship blueprints the player has in possession. For each class a default blueprint will be available to from the start. These mechanics will make it easier for players to start ship construction and allow to store a large number of ship designs on their account without having to buy a large number of Hangar Slots. Another advantage is the possibility to store and re-use his existing designs.


That's it for this week. What do you think of the improved shop and new ship options? Let us know on the Forum!


Martin "Gajxo" Gajarsky
Game Designer