Dev Diary #17 - Improving your building experience
Posted on December 09, 2016

Hey guys,

Serath here, for those who do not know me already, I’m a gameplay programmer, working to bring you the coolest new features. I felt like it was time to contribute with a diary myself and decided to let you know what we have been working on lately.

Many of you have asked us repeatedly to improve the building system and we listened - you can expect a patch with building improvements next week. I’m here today to give you some insight about the features to be looking forward to.


Building Panel revamp

There is just so many freaking buttons, to build stuff in this game!

Well, not anymore. We have decided to improve the user experience, by letting you have the building panel effectively accessible with the numeric keys. Since most of you are not using all the block slots anyway, let’s find a better use for them!

In the place of the former 4th block you will now find the skin slot, which will open the new skin panel, where you can select the skin your heart yearns for. You can also preview those skins you have not bought yet; these are marked with the SHOP label, meaning you can buy them in the shop. The 5th slot is now used to access the new painting mode.


Revamp of the blocks panel


Mirror mode

Mirror mode is the feature that has been requested a lot. When activated, the system will create a mirrored copy of your block on the x axis. The mirrored copy is flipped, to make sure the positions align precisely. You can also change the plane of symmetry of the mirror mode, which will move the mirrored component further to the right. This will be useful with mirroring blocks that have a base of 2 blocks wide.

Mirror mode will hopefully help you speed up the building process and allow you to make those ship designs visually more appealing to the eye.


Mirror mode


Painting mode

We reviewed some of the ships you have built and discovered that there is a prevalence of colorless ships. We would like to see more color, hence we have taken a look at the current coloring system and realized that it is quite hard to use, and so we have come with a better way to paint your ship.

Accessing the 5th slot now switches the game into painting mode, where you can paint blocks with the selected color using your mouse. It is also possible to use the mirror mode in combination with the painting mode to paint your blocks symmetrically. The new system will simplify the painting process allowing you to paint multiple blocks quickly and bring more color to your designs.


Painting mode


Hopefully all these new features will improve your building experience and help you to build visually stunning ships. I’m looking forward to see what you will be able to create.

What do you think about the new building improvements? Let us know on the forum.


Marian "Serath" Kuruc