Dev Diary #20 - Major Patch and Steam Preparations
Posted on January 13, 2017

Hello Captains!

Steam Early Access is right around the corner (January 17th everyone!) so here's a quick update on how things are going.


Steam Launch Details

Next Tuesday the game will become available for download in the Steam Store (see the page HERE). At first launch, players will be able to merge their current game account with their Steam account. That means all your levels, ships and purchases will be transferred. The game will also remain available through our original non-Steam client.

New Patch

On Wednesday (January 11th) we have released the final large content update before the Steam release for a public testing. You can find the changelog and discussion HERE.

Right now we are playtesting the new patch and the Steam version and fixing any critical bugs that may come up. There were a lot of new features included (party play, ship buying, new blocks) so we expect that several minor and medium issues will pop up. We will fix these in the following weeks. We would like to ask the community to help us find any bugs that may come up as well as to provide feedback on the user experience with the new features.

It's Marketing Time

We're hard at work promoting the game. We have contacted major gaming media in cooperation with our PR agency ICO Media. We have already scored a nice article in Rock Paper Shotgun (HERE).

E-mails have been sent out to all youtubers, whose contacts we could find. This has already payed off with nice videos by DieselDesigns, NilfgorN, Panzer Dusk Attack!! #2 and our old friends PaveĊ‚ and Plaga. There are rumors that the incredible Boris from Life of Boris is up to something.

We have also sent out messages to the world-famous youtubers PewDiePie, jacksepticeye and Markiplier. So listen up community. Let them know you want them playing Galactic Junk League! You can tell them on Twitter or comment on of their Youtube videos. 

Steel Squadron Warping In!

The new patch saw the introduction of 18 Steel series blocks as well as 8 ship blueprints using these blocks to the in-game shop. There are four lvl 10 ships and four lvl 20 ships (that means one for each class at that level). These blocks share a high-tech militaristic theme and are aimed at more serious players.

Typhoon - level 20 Steel Cruiser 

Gamechange - level 20 Steel Battleship



That's it for this week. Tell us what you think on the FORUM. See you in the arena!

Martin "Gajxo" Gajarsky
Game Designer