Dev Diary #22 - Roadmap Q1
Posted on February 01, 2017

Hey, guys.

In today’s Dev Diary, I’d like to present our plans for the upcoming months and uncover how our production process works.

I’d like to begin by saying, that we plan to improve and expand the game according to our vision but also according to your feedback. We are carefully monitoring the discussions on our official or the Steam forums.

Now, let’s get to the point. Right after the release, besides the bug fixes, we began to work on new content for the first major update, which we plan to release by the end of March / in the beginning of April. We will also update the game every two weeks with a minor patch, which will include bug fixes, balance changes and some smaller features (the next one is coming on February 8th.)

Before we get to the specific stuff, I’d like to point out, that anything can happen in the production process (you would be amazed), which means that some features don’t have to end up in the update and the ones we haven’t even mentioned at all may be released. In any case, we will always try to stick to the plan.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the first major update:

  • 6 New abilities (one for each class + common)
  • Rewards for ship design
  • New cool skins for your ship
  • Rankings and stats

The smaller patches will include:

  • Balance and matchmaking changes
  • Arena redesign
  • Bug fixes
  • Changes in the UI/UX
  • Other minor features
  • Player profiles

One thing we would like to support, is the creativity and building of unique ships. We want to implement a system, in which players who mainly care about the design of their ships, would get rewards. The system is currently in the designing process and we will introduce it in a future Dev Diary in more detail.

Player creation

Additionally we want to expand on the “League” element of the game (since we already have it in the name :) ). A simplified version of this should be available in a web form in the upcoming weeks. We will further expand the rankings and add other cool features.

Player profile – work in progress.

Besides the league aspect, we’d like to expand on the world’s atmosphere – aftermatches screens, camera work after player elimination, etc. We also want to add new content, starting with abilities – one class-specific ability (besides the Rookie ship) and two universal ones. We will also uncover a new ultra cool set of skins for blocks.

We’ll work on fixing all of the known bugs, redesign the arenas, improve the balance and matchmaking, enhance the existing features and optimize the game. We will release these updates every two weeks.

As mentioned earlier, we will introduce these new features in the future Dev Blogs. Please, always let us know about your ideas and give us your feedback so that we can, with your help, create the best game possible.

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Robo ‘Robinson’ Kazmer

Game designer