Dev Diary #26 - Ability Vote Results
Posted on March 03, 2017

Hi junkers,


it´s time for another Dev blog. As you know last week we did a poll where you could vote for new ability concepts. More than 1000 of you participated and results are very interesting! Some of the results matched our expectations but there were a few surprises for us. And now it's time to show you the results!


Self-destruct is part of GJL from beginning and it seems that you really want to go out with a bang!

Result: Approved!


This one was a surprise. Almost equal results for all three options. Well we will be thinking about this ability a little more and maybe do some changes.

Result: Back to the drawing board.


Battleships are quite slow, so the community welcomed another option how to get closer to an enemy.

Result: Approved!


This was the most popular ability! A lot of people really love shields. You’ll definitely get this one.

Result: Approved!


A common feedback for the Cruiser class is that it needs adamage boost, so this abilty can help.

Result: Maybe a little bit later


More maneuvering options is something what you want to avoid long range fire.

Result: Approved!


With this ability the Destroyer can get more creative when sniping.

Result: Approved!


Almost a love and hate relationship here. But still “love” winning.

Result: Approved!


And that's all. Thank you everybody who voted. It has helped us a lot and gave us plenty to think about. See ya next time.

Robo “Robinson” Kazmer

Game Designer