Dev Diary #27 - Events
Posted on March 31, 2017

Hey there, Galactic Junkers!


My nickname is Palky and I am a new game designer in the Galactic Junk League team. I work at Pixel Federation for almost 5 years. I will be responsible for designing events in our game. As you might have noticed, we’ve already launched several smaller events (Pilot Licence weekends, Ship-building contests, Ship sales, etc.).


And a big one called Irish Madness (around St. Patrick’s Day).


Today, I wanna write about 2 new types of events, which we’re planning to create in the future and make the classic gameplay more rich and pleasant for you.

Types of events

We will create two types of events in Galactic Junk League – weekend events and special events. Both of these events will be time-limited and you will always be properly informed about their starting and ending dates. Each event will be connected with a certain type of rewards for both the winners and the participants.


Weekend event – it’ll be a short-term event, but will be launched more frequently. They will always be launched on Friday and will end on Monday. Detailed information about event will be provided on the starting day.


These are some of the concepts of the weekend events we are working with:

  • Ship Class Event – which class will be the most successful during the event
  • Weapon Challenge – which weapon will be the most successful during the event
  • Killer of the Weekend – players with most kills during the event
  • Whiskey Weekend – the first whiskey in the match will be for free
  • Science Weekend – research and upgrade will cost less junk

There are more to come, but we will keep them secret for now. :)


Special event – it’ll be a longer lasting event, which will launched on special occasions, like Halloween, Christmas etc.. It will last for about a week or sometimes longer. We will communicate all of the necessary information about it several days prior to its launch. The big event will be rich on content, and will also include new game mechanics. As these events will be much more complicated to implement, an update of the game will be necessary, but don’t worry, it’ll be worth it. 

Here are some examples of the special events we are considering:

  • Time limited ship building and fight – players will have a time limit to create a ship and fight with it in the arena
  • Tournaments – with only certain types of ships (only Rookie ships for example) or weapons (only lasers)
  • Halloween – will include special holiday inspired content
  • Christmas – will include special holiday inspired content 

And more, which we’ll keep to ourselves.


If you have any ideas or feedback regarding the events in Galactic Junk League, please don’t hesitate sharing them with us on our FORUM.

You will find information about the upcoming events on our official webpage, Steam, Facebook and Twitter.

That’s it for this week, thank you for reading.


Pavel ‘Palky’ Karla

Game Designer