Cyberpunk update - What’s new?
Posted on April 12, 2017

Hey there galactic captains!

We’re here with a huuuge update with lots of content and new features. Whether you’re a newcomer or a regular player, this changelog will guide through the changes. For players, who returned after a longer time, we’ve also included a summary of major updates since the release in January.


New Abilities

This is how one of the new abilities - Bang! - works.


Combat is about to get a lot more dynamic and tactical with 7 new abilities - one or two for each class and a one shared among classes. With each ability we wanted to open up new gameplay possibilities or compensate previous weaknesses. All new abilities are available at low class levels, so they’re available for all players.


Here's a list of new abilities:

  • Bang! (All Classes) - Self-destructs your ship damaging all nearby enemies for a % of their HP.
  • Tactical Swap (Frigate) - Swaps your position with another ship.
  • Super Support Shield (Cruiser)  - Creates a protective shield around allied ships.
  • Damage Leecher (Cruiser) - A passive ability that increases the damage of the Cruiser.
  • Magnetic Cannon (Battleship) - Pulls in ships close to the Battleship.
  • Manuvering Thrusters (Destroyer) - Increases horizontal and vertical strafing acceleration.
  • Plasma Ball (Destroyer) - Fires a destructive AOE plasma ball.
  • Extra: Respawn Speed Boost - All ships now get a 250 m/s speed boost for the first 20 seconds after respawn.

You can read detailed descriptions of new abilities here:


More abilities per ship

  • To make the new abilities more accessible, we’ve added + 50 AP to all classes at lvl 1 (except the Rookie ship). Note, that Max AP for classes remains the same, but players reach it sooner (at about lvl 20 for most classes).

Changes to existing abilities

  • Permanent Shield HP has been increased to 600 from 300. A new HUD element that displays shield HP has been added.
  • Particle Burst has been modified. The stun effect now ends two seconds after the targeted ship receives damage. The overall duration has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds at lvl 0.


Player Profiles and Hall of Fame

Each player now has access to his/her career statistics in the Player Profile. The profile is available on the game’s website. You can get to your profile in-game by clicking a button in the top right corner of the main hangar menu. Currently the profile shows all basic gameplay stats and we’re planning to include even more features in the future.

You can find your Player Profile here:


Ever wondered who’s the best GJL player? Well now you can find out with the Hall of Fame. Currently it ranks the best player for the current week, month and even of all time. In the future we’ll also use it to show the winners of weekend tournaments and event brawls.

You can find the Hall of Fame here:


To add more personality to each player’s profile, we’ve added profile Avatars. They will display in the player profile, lobby and match score screen. The first 20 avatar are free. We’ll be giving out more avatars for success in events or tournaments. You can set your avatar in the top right corner of the main hangar menu.

Some of the player avatars, you’ll be able to chose from.


Ship Likes

Do you love ship construction, but have a hard time progressing through combat? Well this feature is for you!

  • It is now possible to LIKE other players’ ship designs in the pre-match lobby for rewards (2 likes per player).
  • Not only do you get 50 Junk/Xp for each like received, but you also get 20 XP/Junk for giving out likes. This way more than 2000 Junk and XP is given out for ship likes per match, which is sure to boost your progression speed.
  • Each ship stores its likes between matches. In the future we plan to add more features that build on linking such as best ship rankings, offering best designs for sale etc. Currently likes for ships will be stored for one month and then start over at the start of the next one.


New Cyberpunk Block Set

We’ve added the largest premium block set so far. The 27-piece Cyberpunk Block Set inspired by cyberpunk sci-fi like tron and Blade Runner. This set allows you to build the most high-tech looking ships yet. The new set may be purchased through the ingame shop or DLC packs.


DLC Packs on Steam

It’s now possible to get premium game content at a great price with Cyberpunk DLC packs on Steam. The packs contain everything from ship blueprints through blocks to Space Credits.

These are the packs available (UPDATE: These will become available on April 13, 2017):

Cyberpunk - Pilot Starter Pack for 4.99 $
Cyberpunk - Captain Pack for 19.99 $
Cyberpunk - Ultimate Pack for 39.99 $


Crimson Waste Rewamp

One of our maps Crimson Waste has been completely rewamped. The new map is much smaller and designed to allow immediate combat. It consists of a central square with several stations and two side routes, which allow to perform flank attacks.

Note: Another matchmaking map Arctic Crater has been temporarily removed from the map pool until we fix some technical issues.


Polished Game Start

We’ve also did some minor changes to improve to early game experience. These changes will affect only new player accounts!

The new started Rookie Ship ‘RS Ranger’.

  • We’ve increased the CPU and free hull blocks for the first 10 levels of the Rookie ship to give players more options at the start. All armor blocks are now available for all accounts without research.
  • A new nicer and more powerful starter ship will be added to new accounts.
  • We’ve added a short tutorial, on how to use the in-game store to buy ships. It activates at level 5 Rookie or when you enter the Shop for the first time.
  • We’ve added some extra control notifications into the construction and combat tutorial.


US Servers

We’ve added US servers to host matches. This should improve the latency for players in North  America and Asia. The server to host a match will be selected automatically between our old EU servers and the new one in US.


What has changed in the previous patches?

Haven’t played GJL since the January release? Here’s a short list of major changes since the release:

    • Upgraded Team Deathmatch scoring system based on matchmaking ranking
    • Daily Quests
    • Ship Core Shield bound to ship H
    • Builder improvements
    • Free Addons that cost no CPU
    • Editing ships while waiting for matches is now possible
    • A whole lot of balance changes!


You can find out more in the Changelog section on our Forum:


Aand that's it for this changelog. There are many other smaller changes, that it's possible we didn't include every single one. Let us know, what you think about the new features and how we could improve and expand upon them on the forum here:

See you in the arena!
-GJL Dev Team