Dev Diary #28 - Roadmap Q2
Posted on May 12, 2017

Hey there Junker Captains!

We’re already working hard to bring you the next major update for Galactic Junk League! The preliminary release date is set for late July. In this roadmap we’ll reveal new features you can look forward to with the major update as well as in the smaller updates in the meantime.


The major update will feature three huge new features:

  • New game mode with new maps
  • Class system rewamp
  • Competitive play

Smaller patches in the meantime will include:

  • AI Bots
  • Stickers and decals
  • Improved minimap and team communication options
  • Shop improvements


New game mode with new maps

We’ll be introducing the Galactic Junk Match as our main game mode for matchmaking. This game mode will combine familiar mechanics from other games (such as capture points) with some unique to GJL (team power-ups, capture point junk upgrades). More details will be revealed in a few weeks, since now we’re still in the prototyping phase.

With this change, we want to achieve 3 goals: 1. Significantly boost the tactical aspect of matches, 2. Promote teamwork and team communication, 3. Make playstyles other than damage dealing viable (i.e. support, mobility, damage tanking).

Three maps are planned to be released with the new game mode. Along with this we’ll release an improved team communication system and a new scoring system, which will put greater emphasis on team results.


Class System Rewamp

Thanks to the Steam early access release we now have enough feedback and data to improve the class system and progression. The goal of these changes is to make playing each class a more unique experience, give them a clearer role in combat and increase the rock-paper-scissors dynamic. The core changes will be:

  1. The Cruiser will replace the Rookie ship as the starter class.
  2. All classes will become available after the tutorial phase, with their ‘defining’ unique blocks unlocked right away (i.e. the Frigate’s Heavy Thruster).
  3. Classes will be overhauled to make them more efficient at their intended roles with balance changes and new class-specific Modules. For instance the Destroyer will become even more focused on long-range combat at a cost of reduced short range strength.


The specifics will be revealed in a separate dev diary. The progression changes will not harm existing player’s progress. Along with this we’ll be introducing a brand new research screen and a class selection screen and rebalancing early-game block unlock levels and research costs.


Competitive play

The third major feature introduced in the update will be the addition of ranked matches. The goal of this change is to support the competitive aspect of the game and give our core playerbase an attractive goal they can work towards. We’re still working out the details of this one, so more info will be revealed in a few weeks.


AI Ships

One of the features, you can look forward to within the next month, are AI bots. In the first iteration they will be used as opponents for Rookie ships so that new players get a more appropriate challenge with a short waiting time. In the future as we create more advanced AI we’ll be able to use for higer level matches as-well.


Ship Stickerz

For players, who want to turn the swag on their ships to the max, we’ll be adding visual Stickerz (remember the 90s? :-) ). These will function the same way as addons. That means they won’t interfere with the gameplay in any way. The first batch will feature more than 50 stickerz based on World War 2 bomber nose art. These will be added with the following update. Here’s a small sample:

Shop Polish

We’ll add flexible prices for ships and block bundles so that it reflects the number of blocks you already own from a specific bundle (i.e. if you already own ½ of a 500 SC bundle, it will only cost 250 SC for you).


That’s it for this week, Junkers. As you can see, the upcoming features are quite large and will significantly expand the game in almost every area. It won’t be easy to get it right, which is why we’ll be relying on the feedback of you guys once we reveal all the details! Tell us what you think on the FORUM.

Martin 'Gajxo' Gajarsky
Game Designer